Timeline: Compare View

Visually Document Your Construction Project

Introducing COMPARE VIEW: Uncover the Power of Digital Twin Technology

Aligning the real world with the virtual world just got easier. STAGES now empowers you with COMPARE VIEW, a groundbreaking feature that seamlessly compares as-built Matterport scans with as-designed BIM data. Experience a new level of clarity and insight as you navigate designs and scans side-by-side, revealing discrepancies and tracking changes throughout the construction process.

Here’s how COMPARE VIEW transforms your project workflow:

Visually Align Designs and Reality: See how closely your project aligns with the original plans by overlaying 2D plans, 3D files, and Matterport models in a dynamic split-screen view. Identify deviations early to prevent costly rework and delays.
Document Every Step of the Journey: Create a comprehensive digital record of your project’s evolution, from foundation placement to owner turnover. Easily step through the timeline, explore the building from any angle, and validate property condition at any point in time.
Empower Collaborative Problem-Solving: Empower your entire team, regardless of location, to remotely monitor progress, identify issues, and collaborate on solutions. Use audio, brush, and picture notes to communicate effectively and track issue resolution within a single, centralized platform.
STAGES: Your Single Source of Truth for Construction Monitoring

STAGES is more than just a comparison tool; it’s a comprehensive construction monitoring solution that brings together multiple project representations, including:

2D PDF plans
3D BIM models
Matterport scans
IFC files
OBJ files
PDF blueprints
FBX scans
Unlock a World of Benefits:

Detect and resolve discrepancies early to minimize rework and delays.
Enhance communication and collaboration across teams for a more efficient workflow.
Create a permanent record of project progress for future reference and dispute resolution.
Validate property condition at any point in time for accurate handover and asset management.
Ready to experience the power of COMPARE VIEW?

Try it out today and see how STAGES can help you achieve unprecedented transparency and control over your construction projects.