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At Louisville In 3D, our goal is to produce the highest quality 3D models and Matterport 3D virtual tours available on the market. Your model will also have a dedicated webpage and a unique Matterport URL, making it easy to share. Realtors will receive an MLS-approved Matterport link for their listings.

Louisville In 3D models offer unmatched advantages over photography, videography, and even other virtual tours. Seeing a property in 3D with Matterport technology gives you the best overall idea of the space. You can immediately see the entire layout, take precise measurements directly off the model with the built-in measuring tool, and even explore every corner with the Matterport 3D Dollhouse view. It’s time to experience the next generation of 3D and virtual tour technology with Louisville In 3D!

We are efficient, professional, and affordable! We can scan your space in as little as a few hours and deliver your completed model and Matterport 3D virtual tour within 24 hours.

Our Capabilities

Louisville In 3D: Elevate Your Property Showcase with Unmatched Precision and Detail

Louisville In 3D is more than just your average 3D scanning and virtual tour provider. We’re your key to capturing the true essence of any space, from cozy apartments to sprawling outdoor landscapes, with industry-leading technology and expertise.

Unveiling Precision Floor Plans:

Say goodbye to generic floor plans and hello to hyper-accurate blueprints with real-world measurements. We utilize cutting-edge technology to create detailed floor plans of your property, complete with precise dimensions, doorways, and even furniture placement. Imagine the convenience for potential buyers, renters, or renovation contractors!

3D Floor Plans for Every Space:

Whether you’re showcasing a charming studio apartment or a spacious short-term rental property, our immersive 3D floor plans bring your space to life. Potential guests can virtually wander through rooms, visualize furniture arrangements, and experience the true flow of the space before they even step foot inside.

The Power of the Pro 3:

We’re proud to be one of the first Matterport providers in Louisville equipped with the revolutionary Pro 3 camera. This cutting-edge technology boasts superior accuracy, capturing even the finest details with stunning precision. No more struggling with blurry scans or inaccurate measurements, your virtual tours will be breathtakingly true-to-life.

Image of Matterport Pro 3 camera

Documenting Every Step with Stages:

Louisville In 3D is the exclusive Stages partner in the area, unlocking a whole new level of project documentation. Visually track your project’s progress from the very beginning, capturing each stage with immersive 3D scans. This is a game-changer for construction companies, architects, and anyone needing a detailed visual record of their project evolution.

Beyond Virtual Tours:

We understand that virtual tours are just the beginning. Louisville In 3D offers a comprehensive suite of services to enhance your property presentation, including:

  • Interactive hotspots and annotations: Add clickable elements to your tours, providing deeper information about specific features or areas.
  • Professional editing and post-processing: We polish your scans to perfection, ensuring a seamless and visually stunning experience.
  • Custom branding and integration: Integrate your logo, colors, and branding elements into your virtual tours for a seamless brand experience.

Louisville In 3D is more than just a technology provider; we’re your partner in creating unforgettable property experiences. Contact us today and discover how we can help you showcase your space in a way that truly wows.

Our Commitment To You

A City Rising in 3D

Louisville’s vibrant spirit deserved a cutting-edge way to showcase its spaces. Recognizing a need for local innovation, Louisville In 3D was born. While 3D technology has been around for years, it hadn’t fully blossomed in Louisville. We saw an opportunity to bridge the gap and propel the city into the future of property presentation.

Our Commitment: Your Cutting-Edge Advantage

At Louisville In 3D, we’re laser-focused on staying ahead of the curve. We constantly invest in the latest 3D capture and virtual tour technologies, like the Matterport Pro 3 camera, allowing us to deliver unparalleled accuracy and detail. Partner with us, and you’ll be confident knowing you’re among the frontrunners in showcasing your property with the most advanced tools available.

Experience Meets Expertise

Our team is a powerhouse of talent, blending seasoned engineers with real estate veterans. This unique combination ensures we not only understand the technical intricacies of 3D technology but also possess the real-world knowledge to translate your vision into a captivating virtual experience.

The Highest Quality, Guaranteed

When you choose Louisville In 3D, you’re choosing a commitment to excellence. We take pride in delivering the most accurate, immersive, and visually stunning 3D models and virtual tours in the market. Let us transform your property into a digital masterpiece that captivates audiences and sets you apart from the competition.

Contact us today and experience the future of property presentation.


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