Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 3D model really that much better than a traditional virtual reality tour?
When you take a tour, do your really get a sense of what the true layout and spacial orientation of the space? Even when you are in the space live, sometime it is difficult to compare the sizes of rooms, and know exactly what will and will not fit there. With a 3D model you can compare the spaces with ease, and see the layout of a space in seconds. Our 3D camera captures dimensional data as well as photographic, meaning you can pull digital measurements or order a 2D floor plan, accurate within 99% of reality. We offer service to publish to Google Street View and our tours can be published directly on websites such as We automatically convert the tours into virtual reality, so put your VR Goggles on and fully immerse yourself in the space.

Do I have to be tech-savvy in order to use this service?
No not at all. If you can copy and paste then you should be able to use our service. If you need help, and your 3D tour is not working the way you thought, please contact us and we will provide the assistance to help you get up and running.

How long does it take for someone to scan my space?
Rule of thumb is about 1 hours per 3000 SQFT. So if you have a 6,000 SQFT house then expect the scan to take around 2 hours. After the scan is complete please allow 24hrs for post-production.

How long after the scan takes place will I be able to share my 3D model with my customers?
We will have a shareable link available to you within 24 hours after the scan. Once we are done with the scan we start the post-production work the very same evening to make sure that you have your 3D model available to you ASAP.

What do I have to do to get my space ready for a 3D scan?
Think of it like you are trying to get your space ready for a photo shoot. You want the place to be as nice and as clean as possible. There should be good access to all areas that need to be scanned. The biggest difference between getting ready for a scan vs a photo shoot is that you need to make sure that all windows have working blinds. Direct sunlight (UV light) can interfere with the scanner. While we can mitigate a certain amount of sunlight, too much light can make slight distortions in the model.

Can you scan the exterior of a property?
We are one of the only Matterport providers in the Louisville, KY market who have invested in a Pro 3 camera, and we are fully capable of scanning exterior spaces.

How can I use 3D models to help my business grow?
Many businesses can directly benefit from creating 3D models of their space. To see if your business can benefit, please check out our benefits page. Or contact us directly and we can discuss your company’s needs.

What kind of support can I expect after I have my tour is created?
We understand that 3D models are still fairly new to many people in the Louisville market, and with that in mind we plan to support our models after they get created.

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