Vendor/Art Showcase

Vendor/Art Showcase

Add Value To Your Vendors

Let a virtual visitor explore the vendors at your conference and have tags for each vendor, which include a brief description and contact information. Provide value to your vendor by giving them the ability to showcase their booth even after the event is over. Those visitors who just can’t make the show, can now attend virtually and reach out to the vendors online.


Sell Vendor Booth With Ease

Your potential vendors can now choose the perfect location for their booth by viewing your previous virtual tours. Vendors can truly visualize how noticeable their booth will be, and how it will stand out from the crowd.


Add Value To Your Attendees

Provide value for the visitor by letting them know exactly where their vendor is going to be set up. Customers will spend less time searching for a vendor, and more time having a meaningful discussion with them. Those customers who misplaced that important business card, and do not remember the name of the business, can now revisit the show and find the exhibitor in the same place they were last week, last month, or last year.



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